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It Starts and Ends with School.

For neurodivergent students, school is a breeding ground for painful comparisons and bitter frustration.

Labeled "weird" and "annoying". Every action judged, dissected, ridiculed. Day after day.

Endless effort, only to achieve a fraction of what other students have reached. Social acceptance? Nonexistent.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Schools can become havens for neurodivergent students.


Redesign educational systems for neurodivergent students

Problem: Neurodivergent students do not have the necessary resources, services, and support systems to thrive

Solution: Empower youth globally to create environments that enable neurodivergent students to maximize their potential.

How: Neurodivergent Student Alliances.

Meet our Founder

Aaron Combs is the founder and executive director of Students For Attention. Diagnosed with ADHD, his life mission is to combat ableist stigmas and show the world what neurodivergent students can, and will, achieve.

Meet our Team


Summer Zhang

Director of R&D

Jasmine He

Director of Content


Shreya Sil

Director of NSA Outreach

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